The Paige Page

I often get asked how I got started in golf, and how I ended up on the LPGA tour. The story actually begins before I was born. My parents love to play golf! I cannot overstate how much they love to play: 6 days a week, practice after dinner, couples’ tournaments, etc.

Well, when my parents decided to have kids they were not going to let kids stop them from playing golf. Enter my brother, Brock. When he was born my dad, Hugh, built a baby seat on top of the clubs on a push cart. He was literally on the golf course at 6 weeks old. When I came along 18 months later, my mom, Caren, had a baby seat put on her cart too.

I grew up around the game and started playing tournaments at age 7. My mom convinced the tournament director to allow me to play, even though the starting age was 8. I got 2nd Place in my first tournament. (There were only 2 players, but I didn’t care, I got a trophy!)

I grew to love playing in tournaments which nurtured my competitive spirit. I played soccer from kindergarten through 8th grade and I played basketball 2nd grade through my senior year in high school. As much as I loved the other sports I knew that golf was something special, and I started getting recruited by colleges.

When I finally graduated college in 2006 I had a degree in Business Administration and was also the #1 ranked female amateur (Golfweek) in the United States. I loved my time at the University of Washington but was ready to start my new adventures on the LPGA. That fall I went to LPGA q-school and was one of 15 graduates and earned my Tour card for 2007.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have played on the LPGA tour every year since then and to have traveled the world doing something that I love.

In 2013 I found something else that I love. I started working on Golf Channel as an analyst. It has been a great experience and I love the new challenge of being on live television. It is the first time in years that I have been part of a “team” working towards a common goal and I have enjoyed the collaboration more than I could have ever anticipated. The game of golf has provided so many opportunities in my life and career I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

``I love the environment, the environment of playing in front of people and playing on amazing golf courses.``